Gastric banding

Gastric banding (also known as lap band) is a weight loss and body contouring procedure that is becoming increasingly popular as liposuction alternative. You should consider gastric banding if in addition to stubborn fat deposits in those notorious areas, you what to get rid of extra pounds without strict diets or enduring exercises. Originally, gastric banding was invented as an alternative to the risky and highly invasive gastric by-pass surgery, and is actually a variation of a bariatric surgery which is used to treat excess body weight.

How gastric banding works

The basic working principle of gastric banding procedure is the same as with gastric by-pass: diminishing the stomach capacity. However, a different method is used. Gastric banding controls your stomach size by the means of the inflatable silicone gastric band, which makes your feel full faster and eliminates hunger and all associated problems, such as low energy, poor concentration, depression, irritability, etc. Gastric band is applied around the upper part of the stomach, creating a pouch approximately 1/2 cup size, while a typical stomach is 6 cups size. Food fill the pouch very quickly and the then slowly goes to the lower part of the stomach because of the narrow passage. With the gastric banding it takes longer for the stomach to empty. Thus, gastric banding reduces appetite not just by limiting limits food intake but also by slowing and slowing digestion.

The band is applied through 3 small incisions up to 1 cm each, which leave almost no visible scars afterwards (that’s why the full name for the procedure is laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding). This method is less invasive, leaves your stomach intact and is better manageable than both gastric by-pass and even liposuction. Band size may be adjusted several times for the best effects by the means of saline solution injected into a specialized access port inserted under the skin.

Advantages of gastric banding

Gastric banding cost

Gastric banding cost varies depending on the clinic location and the surgeon’s qualification and experience. On the average, gastric banding surgery cost will be around $5000. However, a pleasant deduction from gastric banding cost from is the money you can save on food, which you will buy is smaller quantities after the procedure, spa, gym and the coach, body correction garments - you may continue the list!

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